Drafting reliable Retail & Commercial Lease Agreements for Property Investors (in Melbourne) is very important for piece of mind and avoiding legal disputes. Landlords need to find a fair and reasonable lease that conforms and complies with all applicable laws affecting the lessor’s property.

It is important that a Landlord seek advice from a lawyer before entering into a lease agreement because local laws create additional obligations on landlords. These obligations can make certain lease provisions void or can require that special disclosures or other provisions be included in a Lease (See the Victorian RETAIL LEASES ACT).

We handle all aspects of Lease Drafting and/or Lease Review, so that you will be well-protected prior to entering into a landlord-tenant relationship. This may also include notifying the SMALL BUSINESS COMMISSIONER of a new Lease Agreement where appropriate.

Your Lease Agreement will be added to the our LEASE REGISTER which ensures that you (the Landlord) will be notified about important  dates, such as, Lease Renewals or Lease Completion Dates.

We also focus on the legal needs of Landlords providing both commerical and residential leases, including (but not limited to):

  • Failure to pay rent in a timely manner

  • Failure to vacate the property after termination of the lease

  • Failure to abide by the terms of the lease

  • Failure to repair and/or provide essential services

  • Failure to provide proper notice when accessing or entering the property

We will represent you in both joint actions against tenants for possession and unpaid rent, or single actions for possession only.

We will represent you in actions for unpaid rent, even if you do not want to terminate the tenant’s lease.