If you have ever had to deal with the passing of a loved one, you will know the importance of having a good lawyer to administrate their estate.  When the intentions of the deceased are clearly stated in a legally binding Will, the Probate and Estate Administration process can work out as planned, without any major problems.

However, the Probate and Estate Distribution process can be delayed by conflicts between relatives or others parties responsible for the estate, resulting in the need for an Estate Litigation Lawyer.

The individual responsible for the estate, called the Executor, may need a Lawyer to defend against legal suits brought on by disappointed beneficiaries and creditors who may question the actions that have taken place surrounding the estate.

A beneficiary of the estate can sue for increased inheritances including a spouse’s right of election.

We can advise you on the time restrictions for pursuing legal action, which can be confined to days and weeks rather than months and years. In addition, we can prepare an appropriate defensive strategy to protect your interest in the estate.